Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 795477

New replacement carburetor with free GASKET
Replaces Stratton Engine 795477 498811 795469 794147 699660 Carb
Provides great power and torque


Atoparts New Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 795477 Replace 498811 795469 794147 699660

It is an ideal replacement for old or damaged carburetor.

Improved air intake holes to improved airflow structure, Stable performance,Sensitive reaction.


NEW Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 795477 Replace 498811 795469 794147 699660 Carb

Item Condition: New, good quality and in good working condition

Replaces Parts No: 795477,498811,795469,794147,699660,794161,791384

Brand New With 1 Year Warranty

Top Quality Aftermarket Replacement

This Carburetor fits MODELS:

Replaces Parts No: 795477,498811,795469,794147,699660,794161,791384

Fits Models: Briggs & Stratton 09J902-0100-E1 09J902-0111-E1 09J902-0115-E1 09J902-0116-B1 09J902-0116-E1 09J902-0292-E1 09J902-0304-E1 09J902-0340-E1 09J902-0341-E1 09J902-0368-E1 09J902-0415-E1 09J902-0526-E1 09J902-0559-E1 09K502-1251-F1 09L502-0112-F1 09L502-0699-F1 09L502-0705-F1 09L502-1017-F1 09L502-5017-F1 09S502-0520-B1 09S502-0705-B1 09S502-0707-B1 09S502-0707-E1 09S502-1019-B1 09S502-1020-B1 09S502-1042-B1 09S502-1051-B1 09S502-1109-B1 09S502-3707-B1 09T502-0002-H1

09T502-0003-H1 09T502-0111-B1 09T502-0111-H1 09T502-0112-B1 09T502-0113-B1 09T502-0113-H1 09T502-0115-B1 09T502-0116-B1 09T502-0116-H1 09T502-0117-B1 09T502-0118-B1 09T502-0120-B1 09T502-0120-H1 09T502-0121-B1 09T502-0121-H1 09T502-0124-B 09T502-0124-H1 09T502-0126-B1 09T502-0127-B1 09T502-0127-H1 09T502-0128-B1 09T502-0128-H1 09T502-0130-B1 09T502-0130-H1 09T502-0131-B1 09T502-0133-B1 09T502-0134-B1 09T502-0134-H1


Package List

1X NEW Carburetor for Briggs & Stratton 795477 Replace 498811 795469 794147 699660 Carb

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