7t Clutch Drive Sprocket Drum

Chinese Chainsaws 5200, 4500, 5800, 58CC, 52CC, 45CC Tarus (Taurus), Timbertech, Silverline, Kiam Sherwood, Raptor,
Trueshopping, Sanli, Plantiflex, Viron, BQ, ROK, BBT, Skatco, Eckman and many other models.
Package Include:1*Chinese Chainsaw 5200 Clutch Drum


7T CLUTCH DRIVE SPUR SPROCKET DRUM Fit Chinese Chainsaw 4500 5200 5800

100% brand new.

4500 5200 5800 Chainsaw Sprocket Rim Clutch Drum One Body with Needle Bearing Set for 45CC 52CC 58CC Chainsaw Parts


Type: Garden Tool Parts

Fit Model: 4500 5200 5800 Chainsaw

Materail: Steel

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