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Do not use more oil in the mower
Jan 11, 2018

Mower is best not to use more oil, because the oil in the cylinder in the body of the various parts of the machine lubrication, is through the role of the oil splash wheel, constantly to the oil splash, the various parts of the lawn mower lubrication, cleaning, cooling, if too much filling oil will cause a lot of emulsification and bubbles, but also can not splash the oil , which can not play the role of lubrication, so that the temperature of the cylinder body increased. So the lawn mower in the use of the process do not add too much oil.

The working way of lawn mower has reciprocating and rotary type, its high mowing efficiency saves time greatly, and realizes green environmental protection, beautify the environment function, the operation is simple, convenient, efficient, so it is widely used. Small machine, suitable for small and medium lawn. The use of lawn mower according to the requirements, to determine the stubble height after mowing, the use of very convenient.

The efficiency of mowing is 8 to 10 times times higher than that of manual weeding, the rate of seedling is low and the rate of seedling cleaning is high.