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How to remove parts from a gear box
Jan 11, 2018

First of all, screw down the oil plug, the gear box in the engine oil.

Next, unscrew the gear box cover to tighten the screws and uncover the cover plate. Then unscrew the belt pulley fastening screws and remove the pulley.

The disassembly order of each axle and related parts is: from one axle, two axes to three axes in order to disassemble, the disassembly should be arranged in sequence, do not disturb, lest the wrong outfit cause accident. The removal of one shaft and related parts: Unscrew the fastening screws of the bearing cover of the two ends of the shaft, screw the four screws into the removal holes of the bearing cover respectively, and lift the housing from the box to loosen it and remove the two bearing caps. The gear collar is then removed and the shaft and the shaft gear are removed together (the shaft and gear are connected).

Removal of two shafts and related parts: unscrew the bearing cap screws at both ends of the two shaft and remove the gear stalls at both ends. Then the box side is placed, and the circular sleeve is used to withstand the outer edge of the bearing housing hole on one side of the two axle pinion, and the shaft is tapped lightly. Keep in mind that you cannot hit a heavy blow to prevent damage to the journal, Gears or boxes. Because the large gear is mounted on the shaft, it should be removed from the box cover window.

Disassembly of triaxial and related parts: The method of disassembly with two axes is basically the same. But the three axes should be removed from the shaft neck of the mounting drive wheel, otherwise it will not be taken out.