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Protection after use of mower
Jan 11, 2018

First, wash it all clean; second, check all the screws, oil surface, air filter, Blade has no defect, etc. again, for lawn mower life, strengthen the inspection or replacement of vulnerable parts. Periodic conservation is more important.

Oil Maintenance

Every time you use a lawn mower, check the oil face to see if it is in the middle of the oil ruler. The first 5 hours should be changed oil, 10 hours after the oil should be changed, after the change in accordance with the situation of oil. Change the oil should be in the engine state, so that the old oil completely replaced. If the oil excess will appear: difficult to launch, or black smoke is particularly large, or power small (cylinder carbon too much, spark gap small), or engine heat too large. If the oil is too little will appear: engine gear loud or damaged, or plug ring wear, damage, or a pull tile phenomenon, resulting in serious engine damage. Therefore, the maintenance of oil is very important.

Maintenance of the carburetor

Every time the addition of gasoline should filter filter, and can not be placed in the fuel tank for a long time, the carburetor cleaning application of the special carburetor cleaning agent, cleaning cycle depending on the degree of the carburetor dirty. If the carburetor failure, the engine can not start or start immediately after the shutdown, should be cleaned.