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Technical Essentials of Lawn mower use
Jan 11, 2018

Weeding with a lawn mower results in a better effect when weeds grow to 10-13 centimeters. If the weeds grow too high, should be in two steps, first cut the upper, then cut the lower part. The length of the rope on the lawn mower should be depending on the spacing of the orchard line and the height of the weeds, if the line spacing is wider, the weeds are taller, the length of the rope should be longer, whereas the other is shorter.

When using a lawn mower, you should hold both hands and keep a certain inclination to the side of the fruit tree so that the cut weeds fall to the edge of the fruit tree as far as possible. Drive the medium speed Accelerator, the uniform advance, may save the fuel consumption and enhances the efficiency. should also try to avoid coarse weeds, to prevent rope broken. If necessary, before the use of lawn mower cutting grass, the first by the artificial removal of coarse weeds.