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The method of improving the cleanliness of gear box
Jan 11, 2018

We all know that gearbox is not clean, it will reduce the mechanical performance of gears, affect the stability of transmission, but also affect the service life. How should the gear box cleanliness be improved?

The method of improving the cleaning degree of gear box:

(1) The use of professional cleaning equipment, such as ultrasonic cleaning machine.

(2) Parts cleaning or assembly shall not be followed up after processing, such as grinding.

(3) to clean and clean the process of strict control. To make reasonable cleaning procedure, the cleaning procedure of different products should be explored according to the actual production, and the surrounding environment of cleaning parts should be kept clean and the correct method should be used to save.

(4) Parts or components to be cleaned two times. For the whole gearbox, the parts should be cleaned before commissioning. After the test, to be cleaned again, the purpose is to test the various impurities (such as the clean Iron scrap, gear running-in period produced by the end of the iron) clean, important product test time should be relatively long; for a single part (not an entire order), To clean before and after the warehouse before assembly.

(5) for the actual operation of the gearbox in the process of iron filings can not be cleaned, in the appropriate position to increase magnetic absorption of iron, and its regular cleaning.

The poor cleanliness of gearbox will be very harmful, must pay attention to and propose improvement measures to improve the life of gearbox.