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The trimmer head is the rotary mechanism of the lawnmower
Jan 11, 2018

The grass head is a rotary mechanism of a lawn mower, comprising a grip, a handle, and a lawn head that rotates and is mounted on the inner ring groove of the end of the handle. The Inner ring Groove is provided with a limit-position file Ⅰ and a limit-position file Ⅱ, with a relative limit file Ⅰ rotating 90°-limited-block Ⅰ and a relative limit file Ⅱ rotation 90°-limiting block Ⅱ, under the action of a limited-block and a limit file, By operating the press block arranged on the mower handle, to drive the block on the block activities of the top of the head of the two stalls, so that the lawn mower to achieve regular grass and edge cutting grass two of the state of the purpose, side-cutting grass state can effectively cut the small corner of weeds. It is both convenient and labor-saving, compared to the type of grass head and the environment we want to work, so that there will be different types of grass-fighting head appear.

Grass-fighting head simple can be summed up as: grass-fighting is to help the grass mower work "Vanguard", is its core. Therefore, a lawn mower must have a suitable mowing head to match it in order to maximize its work.