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Maintenance Of Chainsaw
Jan 11, 2018

Chain saw is two-stroke power, the use of power, cutting tools and other aspects of attention, you can ensure the normal use of the machine:


Before the machine work, run at low speed for a few minutes, see the lubrication saw chain oil, into an oil line, and then work. When the machine is working, the throttle is used on the high speed. After each work a case of oil, should rest 10 minutes, each work after cleaning the machine's loose gasket, to ensure heat dissipation;

The spark plug each use 25 hours to take down, uses the wire brush to go to the electrode the dust dirt, adjusts the electrode gap to 0.6-0.7mm is good;

Air filters to remove dust every 25 hours of use, dust should be more frequent. Foam filter cleaning using gasoline or washing liquid and clean water, squeeze cool dry, and then soaked in oil, squeeze the excess oil can be installed. No oil is added if you have "DON not".

Muffler for each use of 50 hours, remove the muffler, clean the exhaust port and muffler outlet on the carbon deposition.

The fuel filter (oil suction head) removes impurities every 25 hours.

2.Tool Parts

New machine use, should pay attention to the tightness of the chain, to be able to promote the saw chain rotation, with hand-held saw chain, guide teeth and guide plate parallel appropriate, after a few minutes, attention again tensioning chain saw.

3.Use of security

No one or animal is allowed to move around within 20 meters of the operation. Be sure to check the grass for angle, stones, and other debris to clear the grass.


In storage, the body must be cleaned, the mixture is removed, the fuel in the carburetor is burned, the spark plug is removed, the 1-2ml two-stroke oil is added to the cylinder, the starter is pulled 2-3 times, and the spark plug is installed.