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Precautions To Use Chainsaw
Jan 11, 2018

1. Often check the chain tension, check and adjust the engine, please wear protective gloves. The tension degree is suitable when the chain is hanging in the lower part of the guide, with the hand can pull the chain.

2. There must always be a little oil splashing on the chain. Every time before the work must check the saw chain lubrication and lube tank oil level. Chain without lubrication can not work, such as the use of dry chain work, will cause damage to the cutting device.

3. Never use old oil. The old oil does not meet the lubrication requirements and is not suitable for chain lubrication.

4. If the oil level in the tank is not lowered, it may be the lubrication of the transport failure. Should check the chain lubrication, check the oil circuit. The contaminated strainer also leads to poor supply of lubricating oil. The lubricant strainer shall be cleaned or replaced in the oil tank and the pump connection pipe.

5. After replacing the new chain, the saw chain needs 2-3 minutes of running-in time. Check the chain tensioning degree after running-in, if necessary again adjust. The new chain needs to be tightened more often than a chain that has been used for some time. In a cold state, the saw chain must be affixed to the lower part of the guide plate, but the hand can move the saw chain on the upper guide plate. If necessary, tighten the chain. To reach the operating temperature, saw chain expansion slightly droop, the lower part of the guide plate can not be removed from the chain groove, otherwise the chain will jump, need to tighten the chain.

6. The chain must be relaxed after work. The chain will shrink when cooled, and no loosening chain will damage the crankshaft and the bearing. If the chain is tightened in the working state, the chain will shrink when cooled, and the chain will damage the crankshaft and the bearing.

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