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The History Of The Lawn Mower
Jan 11, 2018

Since 1805 has been, when the lawn mower is human, no power support.

In the 1805 Englishman Placnette invented the first machine to harvest grain and cut weeds, and the machine was propelled by a man, and the rotary knife was cut through the gear drive, which was the embryonic form of the lawn mower.

1830, the British textile engineer Bill-Pudding made a drum lawn mower patent, and received praise.

1832, Lancems agricultural Machinery Company began mass production of drum-type lawn mower.

1831, the British textile master Kabylia won the world's exclusive lawn mower patent.

1833, Lancems agricultural machinery Company began mass production of roller-type lawn mower. 19th century this lightweight and good control roller mower is widely used in the roadside green belt.

In the 1902, the British people of London made a drum-type lawn mower powered by the internal combustion engine.

With the rapid rise of lawn industry, China began to use the regenerative mower in 21st century.