Grass Trimmer Line Twist

Use to cut through thick, heavy grass, brush and weeds
Ideal for use on pathways, sidewalks and tree belts
Made from thick, sturdy nylon
cutting surfaces for clean, thorough cutting
Ideal for use on pathways, sidewalks and tree belts


Grass Trimmer Line 5pound 095-Inch-by-896-Foot Spool Home Owner Graden twist blue

Raptor trimmer line is made from a high quality BASF materials. All components of this line have been designed for commercial landscape applications. From the quality and strength of the spool itself to the actual materials used to make line, this product is nothing but heavy duty! The 5 pound spool is easy to manage and cost effective with commercial grade quality.  


Raptor twist line consists of a flexible co-polymer that provides maximum strength and longevity. Twisted Trimmer line adds strength, improved efficiency and reduces noise levels. This line is a step up from the round style line and offers durability when hitting concrete or hard surfaces. This trimmer line can reduce trimmer vibrations and noise levels while giving you a clean, even cut.

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